Tenno: Lista delle cose da non perdere
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  • Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise on Garda lake
  • Wait for the sunset from the viewpoint of “Grom” in Tenno
  • Swim in Tenno lake at midnight
  • Visit Canale di Tenno with the fog
  • Plan a picnic in the Tenno land
  • Catch and taste seasonal fruit in the fields
  • Count at least 20 different types of flowers (but do not collect them!)
  • Listen the wind in the woods
  • Lunch in the shade of the Tenno castle
  • Taste the “Carne Salada”
  • Rent a pedal boat on Tenno lake
  • See the Varone waterfall from inside
  • Visit the artists’ house of Canale
  • Visit the ancient Church of S. Lorenzo
  • Walk along the “Fontanelle” way
  • Go to the old mill
  • Taste the freshly hand made ricotta
  • Rent an e-bike
  • Take a jog around Tenno Lake
  • Lie down in the night and admire the starry vault
  • Admire the view from the Rifugio S. Pietro
  • Try the Downhill with experts from the “Val del Diaol”
  • Paint nature immersing yourself in it
  • Write a letter to a dear friend with the old typewriter
  • Discover the Tennese with an expert guide
  • Try at least 5 Trentino wines
  • Drink a “grappa” at the end of dinner
  • Learn a recipe of our tradition to try at home
  • Read a book from our library
  • Stay in a hot summer rain
  • Play Tennis in our fields
  • Buy our special olives oil directly from the farmers
  • Enjoy the castle view from our rooms
  • Sleep in the shade of a tree
  • Drink a brulee of wine on a cold winter day
  • Try all our homemade jams during breakfast
  • Explore the archaeological excavations of San Martino
  • Drink from the famous source of “Acqua dei Malai”
  • Walk barefoot around Tenno Lake
  • Soak your legs in the icy spring of Lake Tenno
  • Follow the “Olivaia” street to Arco
  • Smelll the scent of the must along the streets of Tenno during the harvest period
  • Go fishing between our rivers and lakes with an expert in fishing
  • Discover the signs of the First World War that are still visible in the woods
  • Ride one of our bikes until your legs are strong
  • Lie down for sunbathing in our garden
  • Try our aperitifs sitting in the garden overlooking the castle
  • Taste a herbal tea from Tenno
  • Visit Tenno’s Christmas markets
  • Enjoy “Rustico Medioevo” of Canale di Tenno
  • Taste at least a Trentino craft beer
  • Take the historic boat of Garda
  • Try windsurfing in Torbole
  • Try kytesurf in Malcesine
  • Get on the Monte Baldo cable car
  • Paraglide with an expert from Monte Baldo
  • Try the Canyoning with experts in Ledro valley
  • Complete the spectacular climbing of friendship
  • See the breathtaking view from “Punta Larici”
  • Follow the old Ponale road
  • Follow the road to the Tremosine gorge
  • Buy a souvenir at one of the lake markets
  • Visit the blockhouse of the Brione and admire the magnificent views of the Garda from there
  • Enter the Garda hydroelectric plant
  • It reaches 2000 meters on foot
  • Enjoy a concert at the Garda Jazz Festival
  • Dance at the Mandrea Music Festival
  • Trample the snow at high altitude
  • Visit the ancient stilt houses of Molina di Ledro
  • Marvel the D’Annunzio’s house
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