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Canale di Tenno

There is no other place like it in northern Italy. A few kilometres from Riva del Garda there is a timeless village that never changes: It is Canale di Tenno, renowned as one of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy”.

In this small rural village, ancient stories describe lives spent in the fields and the hard labour of farmers at a time when there was no machinery and no supermarkets.
This characteristic medieval town, documented since 1211, is a genuine chapter in medieval life that has survived almost intact until now. Built on a human scale, it is rich in history with its narrow streets and arcades that tell stories of bygone days.
In the village, you can visit the Museo degli Attrezzi Agricoli (Museum of agricultural equipment) and the Casa degli Artisti (Artists’ house).
Every year, in the medieval village of Canale di Tenno an event is organised called Rustico Medioevo, intended to revive the culture, history and folklore of the village. On this occasion, Canale is decorated with flowers at windows, banners, painted boards and people dressed in costumes, who walk through the village lanes lit by natural torches. The entire village becomes a stage.

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