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Slow Emotion

We hear so much about slow travel and slow food. Today, we want to present our concept of a slow emotion hotel. We invite you to slow down, take your time and rediscover the pleasure of doing things slowly and passionately. We would like to offer you a place where you can pamper yourselves and enjoy the pleasure of things done slowly, a holiday based on the joy of living.

When we set out on this path of ours, we were not aware of all this, however, we were already on the right track towards creating our slow emotion hotel. We knew that in order to achieve the best results, our offer would need to reflect our personality, our passions, our connections with the local community and our commitment to the environment. Over the years, we have worked in this direction by building a high-quality product that is loved and appreciated by our guests. With the help of all the members of our family, we have fulfilled our wonderful dream: we have created a special place; something unique that focuses on quality. Also in this period of refurbishment, we are making careful and conscious decisions to do everything in the best possible way while concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

ANTICA CROCE slow emotion hotel awaits you to offer you a timeless holiday experience.

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