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At ANTICA CROCE slow emotion hotel in Tenno, the restaurant is a passion that has been handed down for generations. Ettore, the chef and owner, personally runs and supervises the cuisine and every dish, which respects traditions, the slowly changing seasons and local products. Meat from Trentino, fish from spring waters, mushrooms and black truffle from our woods, alpine dairy cheeses and extra-virgin olive oil from Lake Garda enrich and complete the culinary offer at ANTICA CROCE, a renowned restaurant in Tenno.

On the menu, every day you will find typical dishes of excellent traditional cuisine inspired by the poetical nature of Lake Tenno and by seasonal products. A wide selection of exceptional wines can be paired with the delicious dishes made by Chef Ettore or can be sipped on the tasting evenings that we organise in our refurbished wine cellar.

The ANTICA CROCE restaurant is an ideal place to eat in Tenno. If you are at Lake Tenno on a trip or if you are visiting Tenno or the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, we await you for a special dining experience.

Do you want to try a dish that never disappoints, a typical dish of Tenno and one renowned throughout Trentino?

Carne Salada, a typical dish par excellence made by Chef Ettore according to tradition: the first step involves selecting cuts of Trentino beef, which are then wet-cured in brine for at least 18 days to give the meat its unique tenderness, with the additional flavours of laurel, pepper and other local spices. “Carne Salada” can be eaten raw, very thinly sliced and served with mushrooms preserved in oil, or it can be grilled and served with traditional stewed “salugia” beans. In winter, you can also try it prepared according to the oldest recipe: Carne Salada “Boìda” (boiled beef).

You will love it in every way!

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